The Bob Armstrong Dip at Matt's El Rancho. Photo: Robert J. Lerma/EATX



...not to fall in love with Austin within a couple of hours. Wide streets to bike on, shipping container bars to relax in, and plenty of space for a cookout. But the truest beauty of the city may be its completely natural fusion of authentic Mexican and authentic Hipster (the only hipsters you don’t want to roll your eyes at— they’re Keeping Austin Weird and they’re not doing it for the Instagram). The city never fails to drop our jaws with taco innovations beyond our wildest dreams.

Austin is a place where experimentation is encouraged. Art, music and food are seamlessly intertwined. An auto garage is the perfect space for an open mic night. A sushi pancake burrito is not questioned. And your tie-dyed overalls with animal print patches will not only get you hundreds of compliments as you stroll down 6th, but they’ll also probably get you around fourteen invites to a backyard barbecue, and at least two offers to join a folk-funk family band.

And so we harnessed Austin's "unexpected but delicious" essence and decided that hummus, blue corn tortilla, Javi’s Tia’s hot sauce, cilantro, burrata cheese, and pickled radish were a good idea to put on this rendition of a fried chicken sandwich. It’s a little quirky, influenced heavily by Mexican culture, and any hipster that isn’t a vegan will dive into it with a smile… before it was cool.