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a place sammy calls home

Our Chef and Co-Owner Sammy Monsour grew up in Cary, North Carolina, and at age thirteen, began working at his folks' restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Bud & Eb’s). It was an American Bar & Grill known for great sandwiches and beer. By age seventeen, he was head cook, and their dinner menu had a funky southern spread spanning cuisine from the Carolinas all the way down to Texas, with a big pit-stop in New Orleans. The only frills were on the toothpicks. It was down-home cooking—true grit American food.

Many of his recipes either root from that kitchen, are family heirlooms, or are heavily influenced by the traditions and techniques he learned in The South. The Pop’s Slaw on the Chapel Hill is literally his Pop’s Slaw, and Sammy’s been proudly making it for over 20 years. It contains over a dozen fresh ingredients and adds an incredibly zesty pop (pun game on point) to the sandwich.

During the holidays and on special occasions (such as a back yard barbeque), Sammy’s sister Jenny makes her famous pimento cheese. It’s hands down the best pimento cheese you’ll ever have, and it gets devoured fast. Fortunately, Sammy doesn't come from a family of recipe hoarders, and Jenny was kind hearted enough to share her masterpiece with him, and now you!

Sammy sources the Tar Heel Country Ham from one of his favorite North Carolinian curemasters, Mr. Rufus Brown (Johnston County Country Hams). Rufus is son of the late and legendary Jesse Brown, best known as the Ham King of The South. That Tar Heel Country Ham is darn good!

We add a scant handful of House Pickles to add a snappy-tangy balance to this rich delight. The pickles are Sammy's recipe, and Big Sam says they're the best he's ever had. The story that our Chapel Hill sandwich celebrates is one of tradition, hard work and passion. Once you taste all of that love and legacy, you’ll feel like you're in the family. Go Heels!