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...heard of Greenville by now. Every time we turn around there’s another “Best ___” list it’s taken over, and for good reason. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville, South Carolina is full of arts, culture, delicious food and great bars you don’t find yourself leaving until well past last call. Also, it’s absolutely beautiful.

From Cherokee Indian hunting grounds, to mill town, to thriving city, Greenville has kept up its’ charm throughout the years, and so have its’ people. It’s almost physically impossible to walk down the street without someone nodding, smiling, or striking up a conversation with you—and that makes us feel good.

We can all agree that Southerners are a proud people, and that [almost everything is centered around food.] they (we) love to feed others, Greenvillians hold true to that. They’re quick to talk to you about the history of the city, and even quicker to offer you up a long list of places to eat at around town.

Greenville is happy to have Duke’s Mayonnaise call the city home. Being the undisputed king of condiments in The South, Duke’s is the only type of mayonnaise in existence. We’d simply have to grab our pearls if you uttered another’s name, or even thought to spread it on a piece of bread. Duke’s is zestier than any other out there, and we love flavor, that’s why we have it on our sandwich.

When visiting Greenville, there’s no way in hell you’re going anywhere without hearing about college football—it’s the only religion that’s acceptable to talk about in public. The Gamecock vs. Tiger rivalry is palpable, but any football fan in the Southeast will tell you that they can always agree on the kind of fried chicken they’re tailgating with. When the trunk opens on game day, eyes light up when they see those yellow and red boxes filled with fried chicken and biscuits. It’s Bo Time in Greenville, and a mention of doubt will be met with a shake of the head and a slap of the wrist. There’s no uncertainty that it’s the seasoning that makes it that damn delicious, which is why we added it to our sandwich.

Greenville is also sprinkled with Country Clubs, and with that comes club sandwiches. Every native has their favorite place to get one, but ours is after a few frozen drinks from our favorite late night establishment on Main Street. Piled high with fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, and the perfect white bread toast, we were inspired to create…CHICKEN BACON. Lord have mercy!

This fried chicken comes smeared with Duke’s mayonnaise, topped with shaved iceberg lettuce, Gruyere cheese, chicken bacon, and heirloom tomatoes. Take a bite into the Greenville, and you’ll be grabbing your pearls, too.