Our Kitchen

From our heirloom buttermilk marinade, to our juicy California free-range birds, and our proprietary “stay crispy” batter, we take great pride in crafting our recipes and sourcing sustainably. That's the Southern in us, and so is our devotion to cooking with soul. We pickle and ferment, smoke with hickory, and make our sauces from scratch. We don’t use freezers or heat lamps, and most importantly, we fry our chicken to order—that’s the right way to do it.

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Southern Scratch Cooking

Our kitchen embodies a collection of great American stories told though regional specialties. From dill pickles to collard green kimchi, we draw our inspiration from the cultures and foodways that continue to influence and inspire our favorite Southern scratch cooking.

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We're huge advocates for the Southern ideals of working with love, care and integrity, and source  from farmers and ranchers that do the same. We're currently supporting by sourcing from Mary's, Rancho Gordo, Anson Mills, LA Hearth, Tillamook, Gioia, Chino Valley Ranchers, California Olive Ranchers and many more.


Heirloom Family Recipes

We're fortunate to have a heritage rich with recipes passed down from generation to generation. They're rooted from our immigrant grandparents and have been celebrated with honor and tradition over the past century.