Miami 2.jpeg


...that Miami isn’t really a part of The South. Whether you agree or disagree, you can’t argue with how full of life it is. The culture of Miami may be leaps and bounds different than others in The South, but it’s so incredibly full of soul, and we love it for that.

There’s really nowhere else in The South where you can experience almost-perfect beaches with turquoise water, big beautiful palm trees, and some of the best street art in the world. It’s like being in a postcard.

The diverse communities and cultures throughout Miami is simply incredible. Somehow the sense of wanderlust encompasses you, all while feeling like you’ve been transported from country to country. Sitting back, watching old men play dominos and drink coffee in the morning is somehow just as peaceful as taking a stroll on the beach.

The way that Miami blends city life and vacation life is simply something we’re in awe over. Drinking a mojito on a rooftop with views of the city and ocean while the vibrant day turns into a beautiful warm night is simply incredible. The rich nightlife in Miami is amazing. You can dance the night away or smoke a cigar and relax to the sound of a live band. The city of Miami has a different heartbeat than anywhere else in the world, one that makes you want to get up and swing your hips.

We really wanted to encompass the bright, bold, and vibrant culture Miami has to offer when creating this sandwich. A little bit spicy with the shaved jalapeno and jerk seasoning, a little tangy and bright with the mint, lime juice and lemongrass remoulade. We hope the second you bite into it this fried chicken sandwich, you’re greeted with an entrancing pop of flavor that leaves you wanting more.