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...Honky Tonkin’ on Broadway to killer Meat & Three’s that’ll cure the roughest of hangovers, Nashville knows how to party! Music City USA is home to an incredible scene of indie and big-time Country Western and Rock-and-Roll musicians. It’s a cultural hotbed that knows how to tell a story through music and food. Some of our favorite vibes are the bushy beards, Harley Davidson’s, empty bottles of whiskey, epic skyline and dry rubbed ribs so tender they fall off the bone faster than you can get ‘em in your mouth (Peg Leg Porker makes our favorite).

It’s also home to Prince’s, birthplace of the fried chicken that’s making a whole lotta’ noise nationwide. You know exactly what we’re talking about: Nashville Hot. Prince’s has been family owned and operated for over 70 years. Staying true to the great storytellers of Nashville, they’ve got a tale about how it all started that’s arguably juicier than their chicken. The legend goes something like this: Thorton Prince was a tall and handsome ladies man. Some called him a womanizer. One Saturday night—it was actually a Sunday morning—he stumbling home extra late and his lover smelled foul play. When Prince woke up, he arose to the sweet aroma of his favorite dish, a plate of homemade fried chicken. They say his lover made it devilishly spicy in an attempt to get revenge, however, her plan backfired and Prince loved the red-hot chicken so much, he asked for seconds. He and his brother developed their own recipe and opened up a chicken shack in 1945.

In recent years, Nasville Hot Chicken has become a household name and Prince’s received an “America’s Classic” Award from the prestigious James Beard Foundation. To us, they are the only game in town when it comes to Hot Chicken. Next time you’re in Nashville, you’ve gotta’ take a trip across the tracks to experience this mecca of American food culture. In the meantime, we think you’ll dig our ode to the Prince family. We start by sprinkling a heavy dose of our signature “Nashville Hot Seasoning” onto our fried chicken breasts and then we drench it in our “Nashville Hot Chili Oil. We soak your bun with a little extra sauce—just like Prince’s does—and then we pile on zesty house pickles and sweet crunchy cookout slaw to help cut the rich spiciness. We’re honored to share our story about their story, so stop reading our website, put your phone down and take your first bite already!