New Orleans.jpeg

Ahh, New Orleans…

...there’s nothing quite like her. From the French Quarter to the Treme, there’s so much to love. New Orleans has a soul of its own, one that’s gritty and eccentric and consuming. You see it in the way the Spanish moss covers the trees by the trolley. You hear it in the brass band marching down Royal for no particular reason at all. You drink it in a Ramos Gin Fizz as you’re walking through three-day old rain puddles on your way to get your next bite to eat. You feel it in a Voodoo doll propped up on a “Be Nice or Leave” sign.

New Orleans lives in a piece of everyone’s heart that has had the pleasure of visiting her. She’s addicting. Less toxic than an ex, but slightly more unstable than a childhood crush. Take it from one of our owners, Joshua Kopel, a man who was born and raised in Louisiana. As much as Baton Rouge is his hometown, he did a lot of growing up in New Orleans. Growing up that involved early mornings chasing ibuprofen with a piled-high Bloody Mary.

When it comes to culture and food, everything that New Orleans has to offer is world class. They’re the originators of jazz, po-boy’s, beignets, king cake, hand grenades, and Mardi Gras. The melting pot of New Orleans is a beautiful one, not suited for the faint of heart. We felt that our sandwich had to mimic that. It’s certainly our most eclectic offering and not just your average Cajun flavor profile; it’s a melting pot of flavor. Creole remoulade, collard green kimchi, ginger-miso bbq, thai basil, and a fried egg piled high between two buns. It’s soulful, and packs a punch. If you love New Orleans anywhere near as much as we do, you’ll understand the fried chicken sandwich as soon as you dive in.